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Signing a contract can carry a substantial amount of obligations to which you may not always be familiar. Sometimes there are contract changes that require you to consider terminating the contract. In other situations, there may be a breach of contract dispute.

Asserting your rights to solve the problem may include responses such as renegotiation, filing a breach of contract action in one of the many Colorado courts, or simply defending complex litigation when the other side files a case against you.

The Denver contract law lawyers at Watson & Associates, LLC frequently help individuals and businesses to draft, review and litigate contract disputes. We take an approach to the contract dispute process by trying to resolve them short of litigation.  However, if we have to fight in Colorado courts, we certainly are prepared to do so. With over 20 years of litigation and trial experience our contracts lawyers are well-versed in maximize contract damages. We also help clients to raise the appropriate breach of contract defenses at trial

Early resolution a contract disputes saves you valuable time and money. Our Contract lawyers understand the value of time and financial resources when addressing a potential breach of contract dispute. We help educate our clients about the various types of contracts such as unilateral contracts, federal government contracts, and breach of contract remedies.

Contracts Legal Services

Colorado contract law attorneys at Watson & Associates, LLC are experienced litigators with a track record of successfully representing defendants or claimants in business litigation related to contract disputes. We represent small businesses and large corporations in every aspect of contracts including commercial contracts, Colorado construction contracts and service contracts. We also help employers to navigate through complex regulations involving employment discrimination defense and related issues. The firm's clients and cases include:

  • Construction and real estate breach of contract disputes
  • Purchase or sale of land
  • Contract Novation Agreements
  • Shareholder agreements or partnership disputes
  • Commercial sale of goods, invoice, disputes
  • Breach of contract between two or more commercial parties or merchants
  • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) disputes
  • Enforcement or defense of oral contracts
  • Complex breach of contract litigation involving multiple litigants  

Watson business law attorneys serve as general counsel to Colorado small and large businesses that need cost-effective contract review and contract drafting services. Our legal professionals provide you with meticulous and detailed representation in all aspects of your business contract and personal obligations. When you hire us you will immediately see:

  • Concise and effective advice
  • Cost-effective solutions and prompt response
  • Contract law attorneys that can think out of the box
  • Business relationships based on trust and integrity
  • A focus on minimizing litigation 

Even though contracts are written by lawyers, not all of them are well written. Many Colorado, or out of state, clients come to our Denver law firm as either the plaintiff or the defendant with breach of contract issues related to ambiguous language, definitions, assertions or even timelines. Watson & Associates, LLC can create a finely-crafted contract, but is more frequently involved in litigation when there is a contract dispute.

Diverse Industry Groups

Our Denver contract lawyers represent clients in a wide variety of industries that include;

  • Construction
  • Retail
  • Manufacturers
  • Landscaping
  • Hotels
  • Airlines
  • Employers
  • Subcontractors
  • Car Dealers
  • Freight Companies
  • Service Industries

Our experienced contracting practice group is frequently called upon to counsel our clients on their rights under the federal contract terminations. The above industries can rely on us for federal government contract representation. However, we can represent business only in Colorado for non-government contracts. 

Use Proper Breach of Contract Defenses

In some instances, our Denver contract lawyers can assert some of the various breach of contract defenses  or will seek to convince the court that contract language or terms are unambiguous and that a ruling is possible.

If the contract language or terms are ambiguous, the firm will seek to convince the court of the intent of the parties and examine performance after signing. The situation that led up to contract, the standard definitions used in the contract and the intent of the contract are all factors that are presented to the court. Depositions are an important aspect of determining intent. Watson & Associates, LLC’s Denver contract attorneys make certain that witnesses are properly prepared for deposition. 

Avoid Breach of Contract Liability and Damages

breach of contract typically occurs when one or both parties fail to comply with the terms and conditions as set forth in the contract. Colorado contract law attempts to place the parties in a similar position to if everyone had complied. Our Colorado contract lawyers are very familiar with the land mines that appear when disputes arise.

Contract liability is assessed to the party that breaches the contract. Breach of contract remedies sought can include:

  • Specific performance under the contract
  • Contract damages when there is substantial performance

Generally, Colorado contract law does not allow punitive damages or economic loss. Watson business law and breach of contract attorneys can provide you with effective counseling and advice during the contract performance stages.

Get Experienced Guidance in Government Contracts

Watson & Associates is well-known for its expertise in federal government contracting. As government contract attorneys, we not only handle traditional contract requirements but we also provide sound legal representation and consulting in all aspects of government contracts.


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How to assess breach of contract damages in government contracts 

Unilateral contracts  

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